Super Rolla Series Boat Trailer Mandurah

The Supa Rolla Series is the classic self centering multi-rolla trailer. With the Supa Rolla Series, the boat can be driven on or winched on, it’s your choice. The frame is designed wider to allow deep vee boats to remain low for easy launch and stable trailering. With the clever shaped rear cross member, the first of its kind on the market today, this trailer will self centre your boat in any tide or ramp conditions. Please note: Most models are available in different wheelbase variations, in single or tandem axles. Not all models are displayed. For more information enquire through our Contact Us area of this site.



Dunbier Supa Rolla Series

  SRW5.0M-13B 13″ 5.0M 290KG 1450KG 5635 2275
  SRW5.0M-14B 14″ 5.0M 340KG 1450KG 5635 2275
  SRW5.3M-13TB 13″ 5.3M 460KG 1999KG 5835 2275
  SRW5.3M-14B 14″ 5.3M 380KG 1450KG 5835 2275
  SRW5.7M-13TB 13″ 5.7M 470KG 2000KG 6325 2275
  SRWH5.7M-14B 14″ 5.7M 410KG 1650KG 6325 2275
  SRW6.1M-13TB 13″ 6.1M 510KG 1999KG 6706 2275
  SRW6.1M-14THE 14″ 6.1M 560KG 2400KG 6706 2275
  SRW6.5M-13TB 13″ 6.5M 520KG 1999KG 7064 2275
  SRW6.5M-14THE 14″ 6.5M 580KG 2400KG 7064 2275
  SRW7.0M3.5T 14″ 7.0M 690KG 3500KG 7535 2310
  SRW7.0M-13TB 13″ 7.0M 630KG 2000KG 7535 2310
  SRW7.0M-14THE 14″ 7.0M 690KG 2999KG 7535 2310
  SRW7.5M-14THE 14″ 7.5M 700KG 2999KG 7935 2310
  SRW8.0M-15THE 15″ 8.0M 910KG 4400KG 8160 2380

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