Glider Pad Series Boat Trailer

The Glider Series is available for boats from 5.0m to 7.5m that prefer a central keel system. The Glider Pad version features poly over galvanised skids giving your boat exceptional hull support. The glider trailer has a unique support system with strong, durable poly rollers alongside the Glider self-centering system making it a breeze for launching and retrieving in most conditions.



Dunbier Glider Pad

  GP5.0M-13B 13″ 5.0M 340KG 1180KG 5990 2292
  GP5.0M-14B 14″ 5.0M 340KG 1450KG 5990 2292
  GP5.3M-14B 14″ 5.3M 380KG 1450KG 6260 2290
  GPH5.3M-14B 14″ 5.3M 340KG 1650KG 6260 2290
  GP5.3M-13TB 13″ 5.3M 460KG 2000KG 6260 2290
  GP5.7M-14B 14″ 5.7M 380KG 1450KG 6670 2290
  GPH5.7M-14B 14″ 5.7M 360KG 1650KG 6670 2290
  GP5.7M-13TB 13″ 5.7M 460KG 2000KG 6670 2290
  GP6.2M-13TB 13″ 6.2M 520KG 2000KG 7095 2290
  GP6.2M-14THE 14″ 6.2M 560KG 2400KG 7095 2290
  GP6.5M-13TB 13″ 6.5M 520KG 2000KG 7350 2290
  GP6.5M-14THE 14″ 6.5M 560KG 2400KG 7350 2290
  GP7.0M-14THE 14″ 7.0M 640KG 3000KG 7895 2290
  GP7.5M-14THE 14″ 7.5M 660KG 3000KG 8395 2290

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