Box Trailer Perth, WA. Galvanised Box Trailers Workmate

Box Trailer Perth, Workmate Galvanised Box Trailers, Quality is Best, Price is Competitive, Come see our Mandurah Display today, Box Trailers Perth, 0409 08 20 20

We continue to be told by our customers that our trailers our the best galvanised box trailer available in Perth. But dont take our word for it, make the trip to Mandurah and see for yourself. Our quality is second to none and our Price is competitve.

At Workmate Trailers we offer a large range of hot dipped galvanised box trailers, from the small 6×4 to the large 10×7 Box Trailers. All Trailers are built on site to meet Australia Standards. Our yard is full on ready to collect licensed trailers or if you want a custom built. We can arrange a quote and built to your specification.

Need your Box Trailer serviced? We can help you out at Workmate Trailers. Box Trailer Perth can help you today.  Call us today on 0409 08 20 20

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